Unlimited goals

Set many goals as you can and we help you save accordingly based on amount and date


Automatic reminder and calculation

we help you not forget to save money by sending you reminder. We also help you calculate automatically how much to saved if you forget to save


mobile money syncronization

From the confort of your home, save your money with mobile money, bank card with less charges


Withdraw on goals

We allow you withdraw your money only when date set in goals is reach

start saving in 4 easy steps


Download your apps from any store


Set goals to achieve


create your account


Start saving your money

Save more with less stress

Achieve your savings goals with our easy-to-use app, Transform your finances and reach your goals with ZePargn

Save money for each project

  • Set a new goal
  • choose amount and date
  • start saving

Reduce unnecessary debt

  • Set goal for end year party
  • Stop taking debt to go to party
  • Enjoy your end year party with your saving money

Keep control of your budget

  • Set budget for a project
  • Set goals to achieve
  • Start saving of Zepargn